Screening OAE Products

The equipment product range we sell is used in health and environmental services by Audiologists, GPs, ENTs, Community Health, Occupational Health and Safety professionals, Acoustic Consultants, Council personnel, Universities and teaching institutes.

  • Interacoustics Titan

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150826-WAND-6KF3VW

    Handheld, PC-integrated middle ear analyser. Customise for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. Impedance, ABRIS, DP/TEOAE, Wideband Tympanometry.

  • GSI AUDIOscreener + OAE

    NZ Medsafe ID: 041129-WAND-6775L9

    A hand-held battery-operated DP/TE OAE hearing screening device with diagnost...

  • Bio-logic AuDX

    NZ Medsafe ID: 041123-WAND-66Z6W7

    Portable battery operated, fast and accurate DP or TE or both OAE screener.

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