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The equipment product range we sell is used in health and environmental services by Audiologists, GPs, ENTs, Community Health, Occupational Health and Safety professionals, Acoustic Consultants, Council personnel, Universities and teaching institutes.

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  • Interacoustics AS608

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP14

    Screening audiometer with AC and battery/mains power supply. Optional automatic

  • Interacoustics AT235

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP1V

    Diagnostic and clinical tympanometry with basic audiometry brought to the next level. Customisable protocols including manual tympanometry and optional multi-frequencies. Puretone audiometry. Large adjustable display.

  • Interacoustics Titan

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150826-WAND-6KF3VW

    Handheld, PC-integrated middle ear analyser. Customise for screening, diagnostic and advanced clinical testing. Impedance, ABRIS, DP/TEOAE, Wideband Tympanometry.

  • Interacoustics MT10

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP2D

    Handheld tympanometer with optional 4 frequency ipsilateral and contralateral reflexes. Available with printer and/or PC integration.

  • GSI 39

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090112-WAND-66120K

    Screening audiometer with built-in thermo printer and auto tymp.

  • GSI 18

    NZ Medsafe ID: 081022-WAND-7KN5EB

    Easy-to-use screening audiometer with mains powers and battery option.

  • GSI AUDIOscreener + OAE

    NZ Medsafe ID: 041129-WAND-6775L9

    A hand-held battery-operated DP/TE OAE hearing screening device with diagnost...

  • GSI AUDIOscreener+ Screening ABR

    NZ Medsafe ID: 041129-WAND-6775JK

    A hand-held battery-operated screening ABR device with diagnostic features, c...

  • Amplivox Otowave 102

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090811-WAND-67ABJ4

    The Amplivox Otowave 102 Hand Held Portable Tympanometers are available with ...

  • Amplivox Otowave 202

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090811-WAND-67ABJ4

    The Amplivox Otowave 202 Tympanometers are available with programmable range ...

  • Amplivox 116

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJMJ

    Compact screening. Audiometer with mains power and battery option.

  • Amplivox 170

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJMJ

    Compact Auto/Man Screening Audiometer with mains power and battery option. Ca...

  • Amplivox PC850

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJKI

    PC Based Automatic Audiometer with Bekesy test function.

  • Maico MA1

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDF7E

    Battery operated small and ultra-lightweight portable air conduction screener

  • Maico MA25

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDF3D

    Easy and mobile air conduction audiometer.

  • Maico EasyTymp

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDFAR

    Handheld screening tympanometer with reflex tests.

  • Bio-logic AuDX

    NZ Medsafe ID: 041123-WAND-66Z6W7

    Portable battery operated, fast and accurate DP or TE or both OAE screener.

  • Bio-logic ABaer

    NZ Medsafe ID: 041123-WAND-66Z6UG

    PC-based automatic screening ABR system can be ordered with DP and/or TEOAE s...

  • IHS Smart Screener-Plus 2

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090824-WAND-67D2XR

    PC-based ABR screening instrument that can be ordered with the Smart OAE option.

  • Otovation Otopod M1 Screener

    NZ Medsafe ID: 070502-WAND-72T3LU

    Computer based wireless audiometer with automated and manual air conduction t...

  • Entomed SA202 IV

    NZ Medsafe ID: 080110-WAND-7AQ25Q

    High-volume Auto/Manual Screening Audiometer.

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