Diagnostic & Clinical Audiometers Products

The equipment product range we sell is used in health and environmental services by Audiologists, GPs, ENTs, Community Health, Occupational Health and Safety professionals, Acoustic Consultants, Council personnel, Universities and teaching institutes.

  • Interacoustics AC40

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP02

    Full clinical audiometer with FF-amp, HF, MHA, HLS, SISI, ABLB, Stenger, Bekesy, HW, Langenback; Optional hybrid (PC) control, TEN, MLD, MF, PED, QuickSiN.

  • Interacoustics AD629

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP0E

    Diagnostic audiometer with AC, BC with masking, speech, FF, ABLB, Stenger, Autotest and SFH629. Optional: hybrid license, 2-channel speech, HF, QuickSiN, SISI, Langenbeck, MHA and Bekesy.

  • Interacoustics Equinox 2.0

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNOZG

    PC-based, two-channel clinical audiometer, providing all the features required for advanced clinical audiometry plus all the electronic features needed to interface directly with databases and electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

  • Interacoustics Affinity 2.0

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNOZ1

    Complete audiometric and hearing aid verification. Combines easy to use hardware and software to integrate audiologic, hearing instrument evaluation, verification and counseling modules controlled from your PC, providing additional flexibility customised to your needs

  • Interacoustics Callisto

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNOZP

    A portable PC-based modular system that can include both a diagnostic audiometer, a full featured Real-Ear Measurement module (including Visible Speech Mapping) and a Hearing Instrument Testing module.

  • Interacoustics AA222

    NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP1I

    The AA222 is the most comprehensive combined middle ear analyser and diagnostic audiometer available; with speech, 2 CD-input and optional HF probe tone and printer.

  • GSI AudioStarPro

    NZ Medsafe ID: 130312-WAND-6F2VWG

    Fully featured two channel clinical audiometer, PC enabled, logical user inte...

  • MedRx ARC

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150825-WAND-6KEY3D

    Combined PC-based Audiometry with the fitting and counselling benefits of REM & Live Speech Mapping. Complete air, bone, speech and masking. Binaural live speech mapping and REM.

  • MedRx A2D+ Audiometer

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150825-WAND-6KEY1V

    Compact 2-channel diagnostic audiometer

  • MedRx Avant Stealth

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150825-WAND-6KEY1B

    2-channel diagnostic audiometer with optional high frequency audiometry.

  • Amplivox 240

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJN7

    Portable air and bone conduction diagnostic audiometer with mains power and batt

  • Amplivox 260 NZ

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJVK

    As with Amplivox 240 plus speech audiometry testing.

  • Amplivox 270

    NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJW

    Air, bone and speech audiometry, including serval clinical tests.

  • Maico MA41

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDF89

    Portable stand-alone audiometer with pure tone, speech and free field audiometric testing.

  • Maico MA42

    NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDF90

    Two-channel audiometer with pure tone, speech and free field audiometric testing as well as Master Hearing Aid.

  • Otovation OTOPod

    NZ Medsafe ID: 080108-WAND-7AN544

    The OTOPod- wireless and truly portable diagnostic audiometer with air, bone ...

  • Inventis Piano

    NZ Medsafe ID: 140626-WAND-6HVSUA

    Advanced Clinical Audiometer, wide touch screen colour display.

  • Entomed SA203 IV

    NZ Medsafe ID: 080110-WAND-7AQ2AJ

    Air and bone conduction with masking for general audiometric diagnostic evalu...

  • Entomed SA204 IV

    NZ Medsafe ID: 080110-WAND-7AQ2CT

    As with Entomed SA203 IV but with speech testing.

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